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Tiny Rym displays its eco-friendly aesthetics

SS19 collection
Tiny Rym continues to dream about a world full of fun and play, where all adventures are possible and where creativity and fantasy are just as important as kindness and courage.

For their SS19 collection, Tiny Rym was inspired by the lovely vintage beauty of the french coastlines, 60’s Californian popsongs, sand dunes, the mystery of the deep sea and the winding old streets and alleys of Mont-Saint-Michel and Majorna.

Their SS19 collection, their timeless, distinctive and functional designs consists of breezy dresses, shorts and tank tops in double crinkle gauze, jumpsuits in steady cotton canvas as well as kimono style bodies and bloomers for the smallest babies...

Turbans to tie, sun hats and quilted backpacks are some of the accessories ready and lined up for all kind of events. The colour palette stretches from off-white and warm sandy yellows to raspberry, deep blue and cool green.

SS19 collection

For children, long days at the beach can be filled with impressions for all senses. Warm sand between the toes, playing with marbles or building clay castles with friends, collecting shells, cooling off with a refreshing dip where the waves meet the shoreline. There’s also the simple joy of having an icy popsicle while letting your hair dry in the sun.

SS19 collection

Spring and summer also comes along with the release of their Tiny Rym Home Collection! A selection of interior decoration made from 100% organic cotton created with function, style and the exact amount of that charming “je ne sais quoi“ factor in mind.

You’ll find bedding, bibs, changing mats and much more, all in organic cotton. With their unique hand drawn patterns, Tiny Rym Home is here to make your life with kids comfortable and fun.

As a young design house, Tiny Rym does not limit any curiosity or compromise with either aesthetics or function, their goal is to build something unique, meaningful as well as eco-friendly.

All of their clothes and accessories are manufactured at a socially responsible and fair trade factory, and made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that has been harvested without harmful pesticides.

Tiny Rym believes that through fairness to everyone and everything, respect for both people and the environment, we can empower children to be happy as they are and bring joy to their everyday lives.

SS19 collection

Tiny Rym SS19 collection
We continue to treasure creativity and fantasy, for these qualities are just as vitally important as kindness and courage.
Tiny Rym