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Tiny Insect Living with Bella + Frank

“In the path of compassion even if we can save an insect,
that has a huge impact on the cosmos.”
― Amit Ray

The curious mind of a kid is always open to new adventures, and is ready to take exciting journeys to different worlds. Bella + Frank uses this unbiased curiosity to design a collection that welcomes our little ones to a world of tiny insect living.

Bella + Frank is born out of a never-ending love for animals. Named after two of the sassiest Italian Greyhounds, the universe of Bella + Frank revolves around nature, with a steady obsession with plants, animals and the wild. Owned by a duo of mother and daughter, Hannah and Lesley, the brand focuses on various aspects of creativity and expression that remains unbound yet pure.

Bella + Frank’s first Autumn/Winter Collection finds its muse in the tiny creatures of nature whose existence we take for granted. Insectarium talks about the bees and the birds, the six-legged crawlers and the winged bugs, the pollinators and the decomposers, and every tiny being in between. The playful collection not only brings out numerous styles but also educates kids about the importance of insects by immersing them into a world full of bugs with colourful and trending pieces.

The brand is for parents who want their children to be creative,
individual, inquisitive and as adventurous as they like
in the most natural and liberating ways possible.

The collection finds its point of difference in the construction details inspired by the fascinating insect bodies. In reference to the exoskeleton, the garments are built using intricate pieces that can be detached or reversed. The multi-textured shell-like outerwear paired with cocoon-ish jumpers and layered pieces narrate the story of insects shedding their layers. The multi-wear pieces ensure sustainability and bring about the concept of circular fashion.

While focusing on nature and their mini components, Bella + Frank doesn’t forget to bring sustainability into the mix. Their aim is to raise a generation of environmentally aware consumers by introducing eco-consciousness to young minds. Hannah and Lesley believe that the best way to inspire children is with the things they interact with on a daily basis – practical clothes that are well designed and consciously made.

The AW20 collection uses recycled and sustainable fabric alternatives with pesticide-free materials sourced and manufactured in Europe. This not only focuses on reducing the carbon footprint but also ensures circularity of the manufacturing cycle.

Bella + Frank will showcasing at Playtime New York (9-11 February) at Booth L17 for the first time.
Drop by for a chat about your favourite insect!

Bella + Frank