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The unspoilt childhood with Minimalisma

The brand brings poetry and laughter to shape the childhood unspoilt!

photo by Jessica Sidenros

Making timeless, high-quality clothes for children, Minimalisma carries with it a strong Nordic heritage.

Founded in 2011, the small family business having only one babies' collection quickly started gaining more and more popularity and became international.

Nowadays, Minimalisma offers luxury clothing for the little ones from 0 to 12 years, as well as a special styles for moms.

The brand was founded by the designer Maja Akraberg, born in a small volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by the beautiful outdoors she has started being interested in fashion from the very early age.

The amazing Nordic paysages have definitely influenced her style in the future.

photo by Jessica Sidenros
«If fabrics were poetry, our signature silk seamless would be the words and our organic essentials the rime» says Maja Akraberg, the founder.

Inspired by the childhood memories, feelings of freedom when running, swimming and just having fun, the brand creates a unique SS19 collection.

Using the softest materials to produce its garments, Minimalisma makes minimalistic Nordic-inspired designs.

The seamless silk fabrics and neutral natural colors create an amazing harmony together resulting in the perfect clothing line for the little ones.

The color palette is all about playing with the nature, just like in the North Atlantic archipelago, watery blue, yellow daisies, lake green and much more!

photo by Jessica Sidenros

The new collection allows you to enjoy the carefree poetic tale of childhood unspoiled, full of pure love and sincere laughter. Placing emphasis on premium quality and durability of its products, Minimalisma is an unmissable brand!

photo by Jessica Sidenros
Don't forget to check out the beautiful nature-inspired SS19 collection of Minimalisma!


SS19 collection by Minimalisma, captured by Jessica Sidenros