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The Pirouette One To Watch were back to Playtime New-York!

The Pirouette blog were at Playtime New-York once again to deliver their One To Watch !

The Pirouette One to Watch award "Don't let the cat out of the bag"

The purpose of the awards is to identify, highlight and support emerging talent entering the industry, something Pirouette blog has long championed.

The awards are open to new and young brands exhibiting at the shows and are chosen by both Florence Rolando and Katie Kendrick from Pirouette blog.

“We’re looking for talented and creative collections, with unique design elements and attention to detail. It’s also important to see a strong brand identity with striking imagery and of course high quality products that have been produced responsibly.”

This season, Pirouette has collaborated with the great designer Lore Laporte, founder of Eddie Wollie to create an stunningly whimsical award called 'Don't let the cat out of the bag' to be given to the deserving winners at the shows.

Here are the winners!

One To Watch SS19 - FASHION

KiSSe gives life to children’s artwork and small works of art.
Christina Altuna, founder of the brand, has created KiSSE to be a creative reference in children’s fashion. And it's mission accomplished!
The originality of the brand derives from the drawings first but also the garments' details; the buttons used on the garments are handmade with branches of olive tree, eucalyptus and boxwood.

The thing we love: Most of the drawings used by Christina Altuna are made by her children!

Instagram: @kidsbykisse

One To Watch SS19 - DESIGN

Lunii allows children to experience an immersive audio universe through a screenless device and original content.
As we have already introduced it in the Gazette here, their 'My Fabulous Storyteller' caught the eyes of Pirouette thanks to its innovative design. 1,000 audio stories available in 7 different languages are waiting to be discovered by your little ones!

The thing we love: In a world surrounded by screens, Lunii has bet on screenless devices to awaken children's imagination!

Instagram: @lunii_us

Extra picture: a fun moment caught by Arianna Tettamanzi, photographer for Playtime New-York!


Pirouette One To Watch winners, Playtime New-York