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The perfectly cute universe of Booboots

Booboots' adorable and authentic footwear for babies is just unmissable!

Finding the right fitting boots for our little ones is no easy feat, but we have a great solution for you!

Producing unique handmade pre-walking footwear, Booboots was created by two sisters Elena and Patricia Francés and their mother Águeda Navarro in 2016. The idea to start making baby boots has initially appeared 40 years ago to the grandfather of the existing founders.

Authenticity takes an important place in the heart of the brand, as the founders believe it's eternal and want its shoes to last for generations, being simple yet purely singular and timeless.

The shared passion for creating truly high quality footwear is the reason why Booboots chooses quality over production price and creates its handmade shoes by using 100% natural leather.

Having a complex manufacturing process, the brand believes in slow production, fairly rewarding its craftsmen and respecting the historical heritage of their profession.

Booboots produces shoes for babies from 0 to 16 months paying careful attention to detail and distinctive design, which make the prestigious brand stand out.

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