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The OPTIMISM by Soft Gallery

The AW18 collection of Soft Gallery is a tribute to the OPTIMIST, the dreamer, the open-minded and the curious.

With OPTIMISM we can experience uniqueness. Inspired by a thousand snapshots from the far shores of Japan, Soft Gallery invites us to a journey beyond the horizon and lets never underestimate the power of optimism.

Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller, the two founders of the brand, drawn the inspiration for the OPTIMISM collection from their journey to Tokyo in Spring 2017. It’s been their first time visiting and “getting lost” in this amazing and diverse place.

The exquisite and distinctive traditions, contrasts, symbols, and motifs are an important part of the Japanese aesthetics and the Tokyo streetscape - and it is here where the OPTIMISM collection springs from. Overwhelmed by impressions and fascinated by Tokyo’s vibrant source of inspiration from color clashes, cute mascots, sculptures and chaos, to urban silence, handcrafted ceramics, flashing traffic signs, neon lights, textured back alleys, Japanese traditions vs. modern aesthetics and so much more…

By soaking up all new feelings, getting lost and losing track of time, one will suddenly understand the beauty of everything that surrounds us which unveils and underlines the importance of being optimistic and an open-minded.

Discover the brand new collection of Soft Gallery at Playtime Paris, booth M05!


SS18 collection "OPTIMISM" by Soft Gallery