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Express your mood with The Mooders By Pomkin

French brand Pomkin has launched The Mooders, a range of trendy and cheerful accessories for mothers and kids!

The principle is simple: choose a bag as well as one or several patches that you can adopt and personalize according to his/her mood.

All the bags are created sustainably and ethically, and made of long lasting organic cotton. Made in India and GOTS certified, The Mooders by Pomkin combine eco-responsibility and fun.

For the launch of The Mooders, the brand offers a range of 3 different bags: the Moodbag (handbag for women), the Moodkid (backpack for children) and the Moodcase (case for the whole family). Available in two different colors (off-white and navy), the bags can be customized with more than 30 different patches... 180 ways to be trendy !

New bags and colors will be out this coming spring. The range is already distributed in France, USA, Germany, Belgium, Lebanon, Portugal, etc. Whether you feel like a "unicorn", a "super teacher", "arty" or "lovely", the mooders will become your very first habit in the morning!

Check out the whole collection on their website and follow them on Instagram!


Patches by The Mooders By Pomkin