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The Midnight Garden Adventure of LE BIG

A new season all about mix and match the cute and girly berry pattern with the cool leopard print and LE BIG's signature stripes.

LE BIG is back to Playtime New-York to showcase its FW18/19 collection called "MIDNIGHT GARDEN ADVENTURE".

This season’s story is about two sisters, who are also best friends. No matter their difference in age, they do all things together and love to share everything: not only their favorite dresses but also the small treasures they found on their daily adventures.
In the evening when the dinner party is over, they sneaky slip outside to play in the garden before heading to bed.

"Climbing trees, walking hand in hand, dancing like nobody is watching. Playing hide and seek and telling each other stories they just made up.
This is where they can lay in the grass, and look at the night blue sky with the moon, stars, and Milkyway. (...) On these midnight adventures they love to explore the garden full of colorful flowers, and trees with berries and the insects who move freely around. From shiny beetles to love bugs and the fluffy small birds who already sleep on their favorite branches.

The main colors used are a deep night blue, a pine green, different shades of pink with bright pops of blue, orange, neon pink and a brand new color: neon purple.

Gracefully skirts and dresses in shiny glitter fabrics are combined with furry heavyweight sweaters or supersoft melange sweatshirts and longsleeved tees. Sporty pants with bright fluor accents are matched with soft cardigans with fashionable frills and glittery sequins. Subdued pink and grey shades are mixed with bright colored stripes and funny artworks. The classic shapes and items are freshened up and a lot of new styles and details have been added to this collection.


For the holiday season party collection, LE BIG have composed a compact group of festive styles to get all eyes on your girl. In the extension of the main collection, the brand was inspired by a nightly stroll through a dark forest, looking for fireflies and shiny bugs.

A dark color palette with night blue and deep green tones, with a touch of gold. Oily and glittery fabrics combine with soft knits and supersoft jerseys. From a new shaped dress in a classic net fabric enriched with sequins to a two-toned classic shaped skirt.

LE BIG will be presenting its FW18/19 collection at Playtime New-York, booth M06! Until then, follow their adventures on Instagram @lebigkids


LE BIG's FW18/19 Midnight Garden Adventure