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The imaginary world of Fiera Wild World

Our second episode of Behind the Brands is here! Tap into the wildest universe of Fiera Wild World with Pirouette and read all about them.

FIERA is a Spanish word used to describe a strong person or human being; a monster. A child that’s a wild little creature. A human being has to fight for their place in an ever more complicated world. Fiera Wild World is a unique and exclusive knitwear brand, focused on taking their product to a higher level, rooted in history and detailed, sustainable craftsmanship.

Join us in a conversation as we learn more about Fiera Wild World together.

Who inspires you and why?

At Fiera WW we’re always inspired by art. Our favourite artist is Basquiat, we also love Matisse and of course, everything our illustrator Sophia Pega does. We are inspired every day by people who fight for their rights and for freedom. We are also influenced by different kinds of music. Bands we’ve listened to from childhood like Queen, The Rolling Stones, Bowie, Patti smith, Radiohead, Blondie, but also current bands like The Blaze, Polo & Pan. We love them and they inspire us so much. We are in love with brands like Gucci, The Raw, VB and her Palettes, Ader error, to name a few!

What makes the brand unique / stand out?

The graphics and the message behind them are really strong, and also the product is fun but also very high quality knitwear, it’s kind of a crazy combination but people love it.

When did you first exhibit at Playtime?

We exhibited for the first time at the SS21 edition last summer, which was already online. We are so excited to participate in a physical fair to meet everyone!

Wanna know more about them? Watch this video!