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The Happysads by Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses will break the Internet with its new AW18 collection campaign song. Inspired by children's contradiction when it comes to express their feelings, the Spanish brand has created a clothing and accessories line for our little ones everyday life.

The collection is made of organic cotton, in harmony with their commitment to the environment. Large cuts, bright colors and a hint of 80s, The Happysads will suit our kids perfectly for this coming Autumn/Winter season.

Get ready to listen to "The Happysads" song and discover the collection!

Lyrics: (for you to sing along all summer long!)

We are the Happysads
We are the Happysads
It seems to be no good
But it’s really not that bad (x2)

My heart is saying YES
My head is saying NO
Clearly confused we stand
In the middle of both

Im full of contradictions
Every inch a mile
My head is feeling sleepy
My feet start to dance

Chorus (x2)

Rumbling inside myself
Just like cats and dogs
All of my feelings
They do not get along

Do I love you rain?
Or do I hate you?
You make my feet wet
But fill my eyes with rainbow

Chorus x2

Monday is blue
Tuesday is grey
But you, Friday
Friday you are OK

I partly like elephants
I partly like pigs
Mom, I can’t decide on one
Can’t we just make a mix?

Chorus x2


Bobo Choses AW18/19 collection "The Happysads"
We are glad to introduce you the fanciest band ever.
They sing about children and their roller coaster-like feelings spinning round and up and down.
They play both right and wrong; they act like always and never; they listen to sad songs and change just like the weather…
They are the Happysads!