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The classical tale of Atelier Parsmei

Behind the brands 5th episode with Pirouette brings you the most quintessential tale of Atelier Parsmei.

This is an ethical, sustainable, high fashion kidswear and womenswear brand offering convertible classic contemporary design. By prioritizing sustainability in all life cycles of the clothes ‏Atelier Parsmei ensures that every aspect of production is transparent - respecting both the planet and its inhabitants.

Who inspires you and why?

Whilst raising my two inspiring girls, I experienced the invincible bond between a mother and her children. This enlightening interconnection serves as the principal force for my label’s philosophy and the basis of its collections. I am also inspired by the stories I read or movies I saw in my childhood, and also generally by contemporary arts. For each season's collection, we come up with a mood board inspired by an artist and an old children's story or movie and we then recreate a fictional story for our collection. We already presented collections inspired by Ai Wei Wei, Yayoi Kusma, The Smurfs, and The Sound of Music.

What makes the brand unique / stand out?

We offer made in Europe mother and child matching fashion made from sustainable and luxurious fabrics sourced locally. Each purchase contributes to furthering children's literacy for the less privileged, through the room to read organization.

When did you first exhibit at Playtime?

June 2019

Check out the video to know more about the quintessential universe of the brand.