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The beautiful ceramic tableware of Nuppu

Delicate and sustainable, the new brand NUPPU will take over your current children's tableware.

Designed by the Helsinki-based Maija Puoskari, NUPPU tableware has a rounded, gentle feel, enhances taste, and is made of a safe natural material (ceramic).

Meaning “bud” in Finnish, NUPPU was inspired by her own child-rearing experiences as the mother of small children. She had the idea that the first dish a child ever touches should be one that they continue to use for many years to come.
They fill each of their dishes with this spirit and carefully fire them using the traditional techniques of Hasami-yaki pottery.

NUPPU tableware is made of ceramic, not plastic. In this disposable era, long-term thinking and sustainability are essential, and it is vital that children learn to value things. Fostering this sense of care is even more important when something is breakable. The collection is composed of a mug cup, bowl, plate, bib and spoon.

There are 5 patterns of color combinations for the set, carefully selected from wildflowers by Maija Pusokari: twinflower, wood violet, common heather, bluebell, and windflower. Those flowers are familiar to Finnish people. Also, the color of the glaze (ingredient of glass quality to be applied to the surface of ceramics. It has strength and color and plays a role of making it hard to stain.), such as rose (pink), okra (yellow), sprout (green), stone (gray), sky (blue) and snow (white), is based on colors in nature.

The brand will take its first steps at Playtime Tokyo on February 20-22. Welcome Nuppu!


NUPPU tablewear line
Maija Puoskari, founder of Nuppu