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The artistic world of Popelin

We are so excited to bring you this series in collaboration with Pirouette called Behind the brand where each week we will walk you through the real conversation with a brand.

This week, we are bringing a special, unique, and very artistic brand - Popelin.

Popelin is a Spanish brand, created in 2014, founded/owned by Cristina Sánchez and Fermín Molina. Each of their collections is unique and created based on an idea, a concept. They get their inspiration from the past and create items of clothing that are suitable for modern-day living in kids' fashion.

Join us in a conversation as we learn more about Popelin together.

Who inspires you and why?
I am inspired by life, by moments, by the sunset, by journeys, by dreams, by a stroll, by melodies, by silence and by my three wonderful children.

What makes the brand unique / stand out?
Unique, sustainable and ethical collections that are crafted in our beautiful city: Murcia in Spain.

When did you first exhibit at Playtime?

Curious about the brand? Watch this video to know more!