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Step into My Little Cozmo's universe

My Little Cozmo baby clothes represent the modern lifestyle, designed for cool and fun parents and their children.

AW18 Collection

Established in 2014 by two sisters Nuria and Christina Iracheta Humbert, My Little Cozmo has been designed and produced in Barcelona, one of the fashion capitals of this buzzing world, as well as their small team in this family business.

It combines elegant minimalist pieces with a playful touch and remains true to its core principles of sustainable designs.

Cristina, the brand manager, with her business vision and communication skills, is the perfect match for Núria, label founder, and the creative director. The two of them started to develop My Little Cozmo and explore a different and engaging fashion universe for the little ones aged between 1 and 24 months.

"As a double-trouble team of mothers and businesswomen, we try hard to hit the target through the very inspiration in our lives: love and intuition. And we are proud to say that we can do it!"
Nuria and Christina Iracheta Humbert, founders of My Little Cozmo

MLC baby clothes represent the modern lifestyle, designed for cool and fun parents and their children. Its casual and refreshing patterns, unique prints, comfortable and fashion-forward cuts present stylish and exciting looks.

Their designs are inspired by kooky folk and Nordic traditions, sometimes by the luminosity of the Mediterranean colors with a subtle and minimalistic Asian touch. They can even have a fun retro-romantic feeling, however, always deliciously charming and elegant.

"We do it not like we were told, but ’cause, you know, we got a soul. We’ll hit the road, our role just goes on and on ‘till you hear it blow. Don’t you know? Nothing has changed, we still feel the same."
AW18 Collection

For their AW18 collection, the Spanish brand takes its inspiration from the changing nature of the seasons, the cities that never sleeps, the anticipation of winter, the chilly mornings. My Little Cozmo's AW18 collection brings an element of hope to a season that is traditionally filled with melancholy.

In this collection, the label uses a rich color palette of autumnal hues on their contemporary babywear for 1-36 months which combines minimalist details with sweet truffles. Each piece of their collection is made with care and produced in finest quality cotton, corduroy or alpaca to ensure maximum comfort for the little ones.

Highlights of their AW18 Collection include BAMBI, featuring a deer motif on their ivory and terra cotta color fabrics; MILWAUKEE, a beautiful range of knitted rompers, overalls, sweaters...; LONDON, a collection of elegant striped pieces in hazel, sea green and ivory made with soft cotton, influenced by Asian sensibilities.

"Sisters on a mission to dress babies, make them a cool vision, also striving for the planet protection, our next destination in My Little Cozmo constellation."
"Children are the future and will inherit our planet, the only one we have. My Little Cozmo is committed to go much further and we will increase this company policy because… all of it, every bit, everything we do, we do it for real, like it really is. That’s the right thing to do."

For autumn 2018, sticking to their clear ethical principles, the Spanish brand has launched a very special collection called BIO COSMO, made exclusively with organic cotton so that you can appreciate the use of environmental and health friendly products.

Come meet My Little Cozmo at Playtime Paris, booth K11!

My Little Cozmo AW18 Collection
We’re still here doing our thing, doing it with love, for real…We’re still bold, still ready to break the mold. We’ve been so since birth, some years ago, and on our venture along we go.
Nuria and Christina Iracheta Humbert, founders of My Little Cozmo