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Spain's Fashion Is Heating Up Playtime New York!

Playtime New-York's 20th edition is here to warm up the cold winter days!

The hot Spanish brands are here to give you a much needed break from the harsh winter. Alongside the top US and European kids’ lines, this 20th edition of Playtime New York will feature our beloved Spanish brands with unique styles and details. Home to some of the biggest fashion companies, the Spanish brands have already made waves in our previous editions at Playtime. Thanks to ICEX, an organisation with an aim to promote Spanish companies, these brands will once more dazzle you with their creativity and eye for detail.

Check out these 19 brands that will be showcasing at Playtime New York to help you map out your visit.

Based in Barcelona, Baby Clic is a childcare and baby clothing brand founded in 2008. With a commitment to design, quality and functionality, Baby Clic looks forward to a better future with their finest cotton fabrics, simple cuts, easy-to-wear and gender neutral garments. The brand truly cares about making the best products with the best quality and nice design.
Instagram: @babyclic

Bayiri, derived from the Indigenous Tribe of the Colombian Amazon means to invoke and invites us to get closer to our spirit animals. This planet friendly knitwear brand is ethically made in Spain and is 100% organic. The season-less trends are perfect for practicing slow fashion and can be passed down to generations.
Instagram: @bayiri.knits

With collections full of colour, vitality and imagination, Barcelona-based brand Boboli knows how to play with their embroidery and patterns like nobody else. Over the recent years, it has become one of the most prestigious company in the Spanish market and is known all over the world.
"Since launching Boboli in 1984, we haven’t stopped investigating, exploring new trends, new designs, new markets. We are curious by nature... JUST LIKE BOBOLI KIDS!"
Instagram: @boboli_fashion

The Spanish brand Bonmot Organic is a nod towards a more humane and mindful environment, sustainable fashion, and a fair and ethical society and planet. With powerful colours, natural and soft fabrics, Bonmot is more than just a clothing brand. With the zero waste policy and the use of recycled materials, Bonmot is committed to a better future from the start of the journey to the end.
Instagram: @bonmot_organic

Búho is an array of colours, exclusive prints and carefully nurtured fabrics. The brand produces clothing with a style of nonchalance, simple but well-studied patterns, a warm and personal touch for children to enjoy their clothes without sacrificing comfort. With fabrics and yarns from Spain, France and Italy, their quality production results in a soft and cuddly feeling for your kids and you.

"Do you remember your favourite garment when you were young? the answer will be: Búho."
Instagram: @buho_barcelona


Confetti is a purveyor of specially designed, thoughtfully curated shoes and objects. The spirit is to get inspiration from people, no matter where they come from, respecting their style and attitudes. With a rule: the never-ending exploration of sartorial quality and constant attention to skilled craftsmanship, Confetti has managed to garner love and attention from all their clients.


With a hint of nostalgia and a touch of throwback to the frocks our grandmothers used to wear, Cosmosophie has created a unique and romantic clothing line that believes in an ethical, fair trade and conscious fashion. The collection speaks of subtlety, of small details, of love and beauty. The dresses are a way to connect both with the most delicate and the most powerful side of the feminine universe. For them, sustainability is a mission. The brand manufactures its clothes with minimal environmental impact in mind.
Instagram: @cosmosophie_com


A contemporary kids brand influenced by clean, minimal design Mimapi is a trademark of Seville. Made for a cosmopolitan environment with an avant-garde aesthetic, Mimapi dresses kids that love to cross borders and travel the world but still remain kids at heart.
Instagram: @mimapi_com


Founded by two architects, Motoreta is an urban, contemporary cutting and high quality brand for kids and babies from 9 months to 13 years. The pillars of all Motoreta’s collections are simple but sophisticated, with plain colours and clean shapes.

"The Motoreta’s concept is the result of a free creative process, inspired by the place were we live, our own kids, architecture and art, without neglecting its commitment to the new design and production processes."
Instagram: @motoretakids


"We believe in a carefree, relaxed, and enriching way of life. We dream of dressing children who are in contact with nature, who play and explore the outdoors."
Na Pa'ani is committed to the environment and the people within it, and work for the wellbeing of both. The brand designs functional and creative garments, using 100% natural and organic materials. A children's fashion brand that reflects a playful and an adventurous way of life, Na Pa'ani will bring out the relaxed and comfortable side of you.
Instagram: @napaanikids


Nueces was founded with a clear vision: launching a children’s fashion collection to the market, offering comfortable clothes with highest quality standard, with passion for handmade products at reasonable prices. Made with garments full of childhood memories for moms who miss their childhood clothes, Nueces is always looking for the best comfort for their clients.
Instagram: @nueceskids


Founded in 1977, the aim of LEMONIEZ was to design, produce and distribute beautiful and elegant garments for real women, using the best fabrics and the most innovative couture techniques. In 2012, they company started designing clothes for young girls under the name Señorita LEMONIEZ. With an idea of being different and lasting forever, the brand produces chic clothing with clean cut lines and beautiful patterns for young girls.
Instagram: @senoritalemoniez


Created by Ana Gaytán de Ayala San Gil in 2007, Tarantela creates simple models but with their own style. The fabrics are fundamental, made up of neutral tones which the founder always wanted to dress her daughters with. Now, she creates the clothes that she has always been looking for. Tarantela is still loyal to its true and original style.
Instagram: @tarantela_teens


The New Society pursues the ideal of a new generation: a society with heightened awareness that encourages people to come together and take care of one other. With a range of beautiful and timeless clothes, the emotions are what form their main source of inspiration. They aim for a future where only the essence of things will count.
Instagram: thenewsociety_kids


Victoria was created in 1915 in a small town in La Rioja with the concept of 'for love to last many years, you have to take care of yourself day by day.' After a hundred years, Victoria still stands strong with many clients who have walked with the name on their feet.
Instagram: @victoria_shoes


Violeta e Federico was born in 2007 with the desire to make mothers and children fall in love. Faithful to classic style and simple lines, the brand designs its garments in Barcelona with fabrics that make the difference, always of the best quality to make your imagination fly. The brand believes in slow fashion: soft and natural materials and timeless styles for global kids.
Instagram: @violetaefederico

Yellowpelota was created in 2013 with an inspiration of atemporary
 designs and turning them into an actual recognizable brand. Characterized by the extraordinary quality of its
 materials, as well as fresh and comfortable designs, Yellowpelota was launched by two professionals from the Art and the Design industry who translated their own artistic heritage into unique worlds for each collection. As such, each colour is carefully identified and chosen to bring out the potential of each
Instagram: @yellowpelota


A brand that's ready to play, Yporqué was set up in Barcelona in 2007 referring to the questions children ask endlessly as they are growing up (¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? In English Why? Why? Why?). The brand was created by three women from different educational backgrounds by combining their knowledge to create a children’s clothing brand that focuses on the very people destined to wear the clothes, or in other words, designed for children.
Instagram: @yporque_official

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Come visit us in Playtime New York from February 9-11!

Spanish Brands in New York