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Pop into the comic world of EFVVA

SS19 Super Power collection

Polish children's brand, EFVVA launches SS19 collection Super Power, a window to the comic universe!

Inspirations behind EFVVA's new collection are pop art artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein, who combine comic and the art world. The new SS19 collection is playful, colorful and will make your little ones feel like they are superheroes dedicated to fighting the evil of their universe in a superhero comic.

"EFVVA’s Spring collection is interested in kids' activity, creativity, imagination and the desire for fun. Boys will be conquerors of outer space and the girls will be princesses or superheroes saving the world. All of them will be looking for greatest treasure which will turn out to be love and peace."

Made from cotton, denim, tulle and glittering accents, their new collection is covered with cartoons' print and embroidery influence from cartoon like bats, mouse, fruits and astronauts. The SS19 collection also includes a special selection of a hand-painted haute couture line with some re-cycled textile from their previous collection pieces, their transformation will surprise you.

SS19 Super Power collection

EFVVA was founded in 2011 by Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist, a graduate in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, grew up in an artistic family where design and art intertwined with each other each day. The birth of her first son became the inspiration for the hand-made kidswear brand, EFVVA.

EFVVA loves children, fashion and art. They design unique, limited collection of clothing and shoes for children from 3 months to 10 year olds. Their clothes and shoes are handmade in Poland, personally designed by Ewa Wrobel-Hultqvist. The brand uses the highest quality natural materials while fine tuning the product so that it is unique to wear for its owner.

"Our small individuals are our greatest treasure. Therefore it is important to protect their future through care of the environment. EFVVA aims to create clothes with respect to the environment and human rights."
SS19 Super Power collection
Meet the 1st Timer EFVVA at Playtime Tokyo, August 21-23!

EFVVA, SS19 Super Power collection
Individually made for our little individualists.
EFVVA hand painted kids wear