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Playtime Tokyo has its own Instagram account!

From now on, you are able to follow closely all the news about Playtime Tokyo on a dedicated Instagram account @playtimetokyo.

Introducing the one behind this new account: Ai Yoshida. She is a jack-of-all-trades: working for Playtime Tokyo since 2015, Ai is an expert in events and P.R (she organizes the press tour and the catering at the press lounge).

She always had an eye for everything related to the kids' universe, from fashion to lifestyle. For her, Playtime Tokyo is kind of magic: "when you enter the show, you feel surrounded by a beautiful scenery, fragrance and sounds that you can't usually find in Tokyo, everything is new."

It is also a place where brands from all over the world get together and where all original styles mix with an inexhaustible source of inspiration: "it is almost like an airport where various nationalities meet and gather from each country!"

Follow @playtimetokyo to be up to date on all Playtime Tokyo news! And get ready for the show which will take place on August 21-23!


Playtime Tokyo new Instagram account