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Playtime's illustrator of the year: Ana Galvañ

Every year, Playtime invites a new illustrator to make artworks for the shows. This season we're trilled to introduce to you Ana Galvañ!

Giving almost risograph-like impression, Ana's artworks look purely unique! The new season of Playtime is embellished by the beautiful robotic animals and geometric shapes well illustrated in pleasing color palette.

Ana Galvañ for Playtime Paris, June 29 to July 1, 2019
Ana Galvañ for Playtime New-York, August 4-6, 2019
Ana Galvañ for Playtime Tokyo, July 31-August 2, 2019
Ana Galvañ for Playtime Shanghai, July 23-24, 2019
Ana Galvañ for Playtime Online

An illustrator and a comic creator, Ana was born in Murcia in the South of Spain. After studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, she moved to Madrid, where she worked as an Art Director. Sometime after she decided to leave the advertising industry to dedicate all of her time to comics and illustration.

Commissions for M21 magazine

Her illustrations have appeared in publications coordinated by Fantagraphics, Vertigo DC, Fosfatina, the New Yorker and the New York Times!

Recently, she has published Pulse enter para continuar, a compilation of five stories that travel between science fiction and fantasy, published by Apa Apa cómics.

The illustrator likes to use vintage filters on her digital work, which always offer interesting results to play with by slightly changing the colors.

Ana tries to remove the coldness from her digital works, adding worn textures and screen dots, which is also something that happens when you use risograph.

The Piano

Creating imaginary world where any surrealist event can be possible, Ana equally places emphasis on certain scenario in order not only to tell a story, but create a whole fantastic universe. The story always has to have a surprise, which causes an important impact!

Initially, Ana focused on drawing comics that's why often her style is influenced by a narrative-style. Even the graphic style with the "clear line" and the use of screen dots and flat colors are also usually associated with the comic art.

Nonetheless, in her illustrations, Ana Galvañ always tries to experiment more using freer techniques, disfigured or grotesque, which also influenced her way of drawing comics.

Poster for La Plaza en primavera
Poster for Gloria Fuertes
Welcome to the Playtime family!

Ana Galvañ for Playtime trade shows