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Play with mother nature with Myum Veggy Toys

The Veggy Toys harvest has come! They are coming out of the kitchen garden!

Founded by Faustine Durand, Myum Veggy Toys came into being as a response to the growing problem in today's society, the junk food consumption.

These handmade organic toys are dedicated to raising awareness and education of healthy food and nature. Because education has no gender, Myum creates gender neutral toys for girls and boys. Except their reversible toys (3 plus), Myum toys are suitable for children from birth.

Nowadays, one out of three children can not recognize a leek. Meanwhile, smart organic choices make a big difference in your child’s life. That’s why it’s so important to educate your children about nutrition and diet. The earlier they understand this, the better. That is when Myum Veggy Toys come into the picture; the best and the most amusing way to teach your children about natural food.

Founder and designer of Myum Veggy Toys, Faustine Durand trained at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, before she began creating veggie toys while she was continuing her studies at The National University of Fine Arts in Tokyo. The Myum adventure began when the concept store Colette spotted her creations on Instagram and ordered her first collection.

Very quickly, orders streamed in. To meet the demand, Faustine began to work with craftswomen near Hong Kong, where the long tradition of weaving is still alive.

The Veggy family started to get bigger. Faustine created new characters; leek, cherry, beet-root, turnip, pear, mushroom, corn... Each product is unique ans the materials used are organic and biodegradable.
Today, a part of her work in their studio and the other part work at home thus they can combine family life and earn a proper living.

"Nature and food are more than ever, the primordial issues of today and tomorrow. It is our duty to sensitize and educate the next generation to Nature and its benefits. Through the Myum share simple notions carriers of essential values. "
Come meet Myum on 29 June – 2 July at Playtime Paris, booth G07!

Myum Veggy Toys, Veggy Rattle Collection
You get back what you give! What you plant now, you will harvest tomorrow.
Myum Veggy Toys