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Pirouette One to Watch Awards: ‘Lose the North’ Compass

It's time to announce One-to-Watch Awards at Playtime New York!

Playing an important role in childrenswear fashion, Pirouette blog introduces the new design of its One to Watch Award for this season.

The new Pirouette One to Watch Award is designed by Maria and João from ​So-So Portugal. When they were briefed about the award their first idea was to create an object that could help find new brands. After some thought, they came to the idea of a compass - an object that could help you find the “right path” to the “right brand”.

The concept being that the “North” pointed to by the needle is replaced by Pirouette’s ‘One to Watch’ symbol: the Eye. "Lose the north" is an expression used in Portuguese when someone is lost... but with So-So’s playful and inventive approach this year’s award is bound to find it’s way to the worthy One to Watch winners!

Maria and João, the designers of the compass, met at architecture school, after which they worked as architects for some time but both missed “practical work”... So João bought some machines to work with wood in his free time.

They then started designing some pieces together with the black sheep their first object. They realized that they could combine their love for design with the “practical work” that they were missing and So-So​ Portugal was born.

Every piece Maria and João produce is handmade. They believe that in the “high-tech” world of today, pieces that are made “by the hand” have a unique and singular quality that makes them special.

Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully designed, cut, sanded and finished by us. In this process, there will be some irregularities. Although, they truly believe that this is what makes them special ... The touch of the hand!

Stay tuned to know the winners at Playtime New York on February 10-12!


Pirouette One to Watch Awards: ‘Lose the North’ Compass designed by So-So Portugal