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Pirouette Awards at Playtime New York

With Playtime New York just around the corner, Pirouette is all geared up with their new One To Watch award!

Pirouette has always amazed us with their unique collaborations and exceptional concepts for the One To Watch awards at Playtime New York. This award celebrates and highlights the best of creative talents in kid’s fashion and design. Along with 10 years of Playtime New York, this A/W20 edition brings with it a remarkable blend of scents to tickle our olfactory senses.

This season, Pirouette is collaborating with The Society of Scent to create the Pirouette’s own fragrance, a scent to stimulate and focus the creative mind. A fragrance that mirrors Pirouette’s ethics, the award finds its soul in the journey of “discovery of something special, something truly creative, always grounded but new and refreshing with strength for the future.” The award this edition is a porcelain cameo eyepiece infused with the Pirouette scent.

The two categories of awards to watch out for are
ONE TO WATCH - Collection
This original fragrance reflects Pirouette’s ideology with fresh citrus grapefruit, deep warm earth-toned mandarin and murmuring undertones of natural honey signifying cross-pollination for future life.

The Society of Scent is an independent scent creation lab founded by four partners Jean Claude Delville (The Nose), Frederic Jacques, Mireya Zedejas and Beatrice Duprice. With a mantra to look at the world through scent and its powers of wellbeing and mood, The Society of Scent is working on creating a portable wellness emergency scent kit to create a meditative room with visuals and scents. Working outside the code of the perfume industry, they strive to create a physical experience through the ‘power of scent’.

The Society of Scent

Pirouette One To Watch award will be announced at Playtime New York between 9-11th February.


Pirouette One To Watch Awards
Discovering the power of fragrance through The Society of Scent to develop a perfume that stimulates the creative mind through an adventure.