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New Brands At Playtime Marketplace

In our ever-increasing digital network, we welcome four new brands to our online marketplace

Along with our bi-annual tradeshows in Paris, New York and Shanghai, the Playtime Marketplace is the place to be. An advanced online platform, the Playtime Marketplace relies on its global network to ensure you can discover various brands at the tip of your fingers.

Reflecting the concept of ‘See Now, Buy Now’, the marketplace allows you to order from the brands throughout the year. For a brand, the marketplace ensures total data protection and an analysis of the sales activity, and helps the brand boost their visibility without compromising the workflow.

Folklore Las Niñas

Founded in 2015, Folklore Las Niñas is an original artisan wear for girls from Guatemala. The Latin American roots of the brand are reflected in the artisanal textiles and the unique upscale designs. Folklore Las Niñas is a fashion movement that promotes multiculturalism, diversity and consciousness about what our girls wear and the impact of their fashion. Folklore has a unique partnership with Ecofiltro, a non profit organisation that provides clean drinking water to rural regions of Guatemala.


Dedicated to sustainable, timeless and clever design, Matona is a family run kidswear label from Austria. Their goal is to create stylish, fun and comfy pieces that can be passed down to the next generation with ease. The idea behind the brand is to not only create modern and beautiful garments but also ensure fair and sustainable production. Their collection is made up of 100% linen fabrics, organic cotton, recycled cashmere blend and natural olive wood buttons, and is manufactured entirely in Europe.


nā pā 'ani : a natural and organic way of life.
Napaani reflects a way of life – a life that talks about a playful and an adventurous child; a child who loves to explore the outdoors. With a style that is relaxed, comfortable and beautiful, the brand creates clothes with 100% natural and organic textiles that are free of pesticides. Napaani is committed not only to the environment but also the people who work within it by crafting their garments in collaboration with a non-profit organisation based in Peru.


Tajinebanane is the assurance of combining the useful with the pleasant. With a discreet side opening for easy breastfeeding, the t-shirts are made up of overlapping fabric with reinforced side openings to withstand frequent use. Made of high quality thick cotton, it enables women to wear dark lingerie, and successfully hides any milk leaks. Made in collaboration with various artists, Tajinebanane aims to normalize the concept of breastfeeding.

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