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Moun Ten's first collection now available!

No hill is too steep, no lake is too deep, no mountain is too steep…
Moun Ten is the up and coming young brand in the children’s wear industry in Japan. Founded by the couple Tamura in 2016, their second collection was shown at Playtime Tokyo to catch buyers eyes.

Their pun Mountain vs Moun Ten is super cute. After all, it sounds the same. This is the style of the brand, as simple as this. Comfort coming first in line, they try to make simple yet sophisticated clothes. It’s all in the materials, the details and the chic colour palette.

Moun Ten style is to be worn every day. Integrated into children's wardrobes to mix and match giving the styling a functional sporty look without the track suit pants.

The serves boys, girls and adults. It is a signature of what’s hot in Made in Tokyo fashion scene, where simplicity is more.

Since Moun Ten’s first collection was launched for Spring and Summer, the focus was on beige as a key colour. Beige like the sand on the beaches, beige as in the classy colour to wear together with other brands.

The designers are parents themselves, that's why they were thoughtful of the maintenance of their products, something we consumers are forever thankful for. Everything is  quick-drying with great breathability making it such a great brand to wear this summer in Tokyo’s hot and humid weather.
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Moun Ten first collection is now available