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Mom Mom for the best mom

Parent-child style collection

The Japanese brand MOM MOM comes to light with an unique idea!

Born from an innovative idea, the Japanese brand MOM MOM is a gift brand designed by the art director and designer couple, Takada Daiko and Tozase Rinno.

What will you give when your family relatives, close friends or company colleagues become moms? This brand brings solution to this trouble with their first collection called Parent-child style and delivers gifts that both parents and children can enjoy. It comes in a splendid gift box with animal motifs.

Parent-child style collection

Mothers usually have easy to clean clothes, they cannot choose clothes freely. From that awareness bib of Mama was born. The brand's creators have noticed that it's mum who gets a lot of drool not just baby. With this bib, you do not need to choose clothes for baby's sensitive skin and you can dress your favorite clothes even if you are with the baby.

MOM MOM products are 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors in very cool gift boxes. It is very easy to put on and take it off, you can quickly lay it on your favorite clothes. The brand designed and improved the collection inspired by the basic chic style clothes. It makes it easy to detach with just one button; which is the one snap button behind the neck, you can detach it by simply removing the button. Designed this way so that the overlapping looks beautiful from the behind.

MOM MOM 's single design child stay-dry can be worn by 3 months to 3 years olds. You can choose the right bib for your children and yourself from the beautiful range of colors, even each sibling can have their own color of style. Speaking of styles, let's not forget that the Japanese brand gives you the opportunity to embroider your name with MOM MOM original font. Dear dads now you can get your wife a great gift with her name on it!

Come meet the 1st timer MOM MOM at Playtime Tokyo, booth A05 on August 21-23!

MOM MOM, Parent-child style collection
Even if you go out in fashionable wear, you can rest closely to your baby with confidence!