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Modern classics of Séraphine & Zélie

Using ethical materials, the brand creates unique clothes which will stay with you for a long time

The brand was created by two sisters, Séverine and Syndie Clément, who shared the same vision on fashion and the passion for creating beautiful things since their childhood.

Séraphine & Zélie, or SEZ, places emphasis on making timeless unique clothes with a recognizable style, which everybody would want to wear, the clothes to share.

Producing beautiful pieces with neat modern cuts, made with noble materials, the brand specializes in stylish clothes for girls and teen girls.

The SS'19 collection is also singular in its kind, well presented in deep navy and slate grey colors, spiced up with curry yellow and copper pink, made with flimsy cotton gauzes.

Fresh and sunny with wild color palette, the collection incorporates the beauty of simplicity and the importance of details.

Ethical production is in the core of the brand's values. Careful attention to selecting the right materials, as well as producing all of its clothes in Europe, respecting the rules, fairly paying the producers and remaining sustainable is crucial for SEZ.


Don't miss the brand at Playtime Paris on June 29-August 1, booth J13!

SS'20 by Séraphine & Zélie