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Minimal Living with The Natty

The future is androgynous. The future is minimal. The future is now.

With the distance between fashion cycles reducing every year, it has been quite difficult to keep up with the changing trends not only mentally but also economically. London based fashion brand, The Natty is bringing us a solution –


With quality design and sustainability at the core of their brand DNA, Nadia Fauzi founded The Natty with a heart full of monochromatic aesthetics and minimalism. Made of design elements and materials that Nadia would personally choose for her family, the collection is carefully curated with a creative vision to address the gap of limited availability of baby clothes without frill and décor.

The silhouettes of this collection send out a super-chill and a super-relaxed vibe with flared and loose fits for maximum comfort and ease of movement. With a classic colour palette of black, white, grey, pink and beige, the pieces come with a freedom and proficiency of being able to mix and match according to your mood. The collection is a perfect balance of playful stripes, neutral solids and muted prints.

Although a few pieces have some feminine details such as delicate knife pleats, with overall straight cuts the pieces are essentially androgynous and can be worn by both boys and girls. The brand also caters to a women’s collection alongside the baby and child clothing.

With a GOTS certification, ethical manufacturing processes, and social responsibility, The Natty has managed to combine the elegance of minimalism with the rigour of sustainable practices. Paired with easy-to-wear fastenings and openings, and the ability to layer with almost anything, the pieces can now be a part of your all-year-round wardrobe, even if you live in dreary corners of the UK.

Come enter the world of The Natty. Here, things are always black and white and grey.

The Natty