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Milk Awards winners at Playtime Paris 25th edition

Playtime Paris always brings a lot of excitement! This year as well, MilK magazine carefully examined all the booths at Playtime Paris in order to reward 4 brands for their style, creativity and innovation. After closely analyzing the booths, the magazine outlined 4 winners in the following categories: Fashion, Crush, Home and Best in France. Here are the winners:

The New Society: Organically producing all its clothes in Europe using natural materials, The New Society is a conscious and timeless brand for a kids and teens from 3 to 14 years old. The brand makes clothes to create beauty and believes in the ideal of a new generation, mindful society that encourages dialogue and urges people to come together and look after each other.

Raduga grez: Being family run brand, Raduga Grez makes toys for playful, slowly living and nature inspired families. The brand's ambition is to make timeliness modern open-ended wooden toys for little children. The brand is inspired by the nature of the small village in Causacus mountains in Russia, a hometown of its founders. The brand produces its toys with careful attention to detail.

Bermbach: Having woven rattan aesthetic, round and light, yet solid and sturdy woven rattan beds, the brand was founded by two parents, who after failing to find the right wickerwork cradle like the one they had during their childhood, they decided to make their own. Now, the brand creates classical wicker furniture with a timeless style, including 3 models and different bespoke accessories, assuring the comfort for children!

Le petit Germain: Founded in France, the brand makes knitwear in soft, huggable and delicate textures. Making everyday clothes to live in with natural fibers and pure and comfortable lines for children from M to 12Y, the brand places emphasis on deep rich color nuances.



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