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Milk Award winners at Playtime Paris 28th Edition

The MilK Awards are back!

What an amazing three days we had as we rediscovered reunions at the 28th edition of Playtime Paris! While we were exploring Wonderland, our partner MilK Magazine perused the aisles of the show in search of four brands to be awarded for their style, creativity, innovation, and sustainable practices. After much consideration, these brands were selected to be given the renowned MilK Awards for Crush, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Green!

Let's see who the winners were this season!

MilK Awards Playtime Paris

Cream Eyewear
Coming to us from the Netherlands, children's eyewear brand Cream designs sunglasses to protect the eyes of the future! Their frames are created to suit everyone, and are made from Truegrass, a combination of recycled water bottles and grass from the rice industry. With this blend, Cream makes eyewear that is flexible, sustainable, and stylish!

cream eyewear

MilK Awards Playtime Paris

Based in Spain, lifestyle brand ILA Y ELA designs artisanal decorations to provide little ones with a cozy, creative atmosphere. All their products are handmade, sustainably sourced, and consciously created. ILA Y ELA has everything children's rooms need, from duvet covers and pillows to wall hangings and play mats!

ila y ela

MilK Awards Playtime Paris

The Campamento
Born in A Coruña in the north of Spain, The Campamento creates timeless collections while protecting the environment. Their pieces are mostly made with organic cotton, with the intention of cultivating an atmosphere where creativity can fly, fun and passion are a top priority, and loving our planet is a must!

the campamento

MilK Awards Playtime Paris

Unie & co
Featured in the NEW NOW space at Playtime Paris, French brand Unie & co gives a second life to forgotten adult clothes by using them to make unique childrenswear. Each piece is designed and produced in Paris, and they even offer personalized transformations. Unie & co takes upcycling to a whole new level with their super sustainable practices!

unie & co

Congratulations to these four amazing brands, and thank you to MilK Magazine for giving out these awards!

MilK Magazine