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Map your dreams with Emile en ville

Creative and fun brand is to launch

Founded in 2016 by Adeline Besse, Émile en ville is a French creative studio, specializing in the production of vintage-styled deco-educational geographical maps.

Inspired by the school maps from her childhood and their pastel colors, the brand creates big beautiful retro-styled maps of the highest quality, which perfectly fit to any interior design.

From the design to the installation of the eyelets, each card is made with the greatest care in the Parisian workshop paying particular attention to 100% ecological printing realized in Normandy region guaranteeing the best of French design know-how and local production.

During the 2 years of the brand's existence, 3 iconic map designs have been released: 13 new French regions, a detailed planisphere and the map of Grand Paris.

Exciting news, the new map is to be presented at Playtime Paris just in few days!


Check out the new creative map of Emile en ville at Playtime Paris on June 29-August 1, booth A13!

Emile en ville