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Maison Mangostan presents its República

Fruits, flowers, and sunshine, we love everything about this new collection!

CACAO by Maison Mangostan / Photographer: Carmen Ordóñez

For their SS18 collection, Maison Mangostan has chosen to take us to their own republic called REPÚBLICA MANGOSTANA: "a tropical haven where flowers blossom; fruit is juicy and everyone is welcome".

In this Republic, kids are kings. "They share a simple, respectful and fun life, ruled only by glittered sunrises and saturated sunsets."

Inspired by a pastel color palette, ranging from yellows, vibrant pinks, lilac, and silver, to details of powder pink, dust green and denim blue, Maison Mangostan SS18 collection strives to achieve new, interesting shapes, introducing elements such as fruit patches, decorative stitching, and synthetic fur that create distinct textures, complemented by the organic feel of the new sole styles.

Maia wearing MACEDONIA and Sara wearing ABACATE / Photographer: Carmen Ordóñez

Dancing to the beat of its own drum, the República Mangostana community is building a better world.
Everything about each kid's neighbor can and may be different, and uniqueness is a reason for celebration.

From the beginning, Maison Mangostan has been using the highest quality materials. All leathers are sourced from Italian and Spanish tanneries.

Chrome-free, vegetable tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. Also, the leather does not retain sweat or odor, allowing Maison Mangostan shoes to be worn barefoot.

Sara wearing CACAO / Photographer: Carmen Ordóñez
Sara wearing PAPAYA / Photographer: Carmen Ordóñez
Maia wearing ABACATE / Photographer: Carmen Ordóñez
Kuba wearing TAMARINDO, Sara wearing CARAMBOLA, and Maia wearing ABACATE / Photographer: Carmen Ordóñez
Bowie, the chameleon, surrounded by PAPAYA in silver and suede green/pink and, GUAVA in dalmatian and leopard
Get ready to join Maison Mangostan's adventure and enter their wonderful tropical world. The brand will be at Playtime Paris and we are already excited about it!

Follow them on Instagram @maisonmangostan and check out their website

SS18 collection "República Mangostana" by Maison Mangostan