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LuckyU takes us to the Arctic

The comfortable clothes that let our little ones express themselves.

"The Arctic is an area very sensitive to climate changes. Since the 1950s regular measurements of the scope and thickness of icecap have been carried out there. It has been noticed that the icecap thickness shrinks significantly. Because of the greenhouse effect, this process is more rapid and this is extremely dangerous for our planet."

LuckyU loves arctic animals. The AW17 collection named after this concern is a good starting point to discuss the greenhouse effect with kids. Polar bears, narwhals, whales, and seals: the collection's prints reveal the necessity to teach our children about the beauty of nature.

LuckyU is the brand which comes from the love for the youngest ones and as a tribute to the inner child everybody has inside.
After the birth of her daughter and all the changes that came along with, Dorota Jasińska had the idea of a company. A company with environment respect as a leitmotiv.

LuckyU's philosophy is based on the concern of our planet's resources. They agree to the "Buy less but better" statement. All garments are made of OEKO-Tex Standard cotton which is totally skin-friendly. Prints are made by artists, illustrators and also friends. The prints are very often universal – because fun has no age or gender! "We try to follow trends but we interpret them our own way."

For their SS18 collection, LuckyU has decided to honor sport with a collection called Olympic Games. Here is a sneak peek of it!

Meet the brand at Playtime Paris where they will exhibit their new collection for the first time! Don't hesitate to stop by booth W03!


Arctic Animals collection polar bear print by LuckyU