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Little Hedonist in pursuit of adventure

Based in Netherlands, Little Hedonist designs nice fine clothing, interior and accessories for your baby or toddler.

AW1819 Collection

Dutch label, Little Hedonist's collections are based on the thought that baby and toddler products can be of great comfort but also something extra for your own interior and your little ones wardrobe. Their ultimate focus is on their fabrics.

Produced in Portugal, Little Hedonist always uses organic materials like the most high qualities of organic cotton, but also tencel and bamboo. Soft and sustainable!

Every design of theirs is simple, and has freedom as a central theme.

"Freedom in movement to enjoy the adventures of life. Freedom in exploring the world. We make life just a little more fun and easy!"

AW1819 Collection
Their anticipated AW1819 collection is called Destination Unknown. Unisex and organic items you can wear all year round, in every time zone, all locations, any weather.

It does not matter what your destination is, with their upcoming collection your destination can be unknown. Skinny leggings, very low crotch baggy pants, tight long sleeves, and comfy sweaters. A jacket is always a must have for the kids.

AW1819 collection

They designed and produced all their items with the concept of the perfect fit. They position their brand as "the basic couture". Timeless, but very fashionable everyday wear, it can even be chic when worn right!

AW1819 collection

Their AW1819 collection color pallet is Moss Green, Vintage Indigo, Pale Gold, Copper, Burgundy and Pirate Black.

SS19 Collection
For their SS19 collection, they went Back To The Roots and stayed loyal to their development, the seasons. They rooted in the ground and played in an organic kitchen garden, got in touch with the herbs, vegetables and flowers.

They developed a new fabric that is extremely soft, 100% organic and has gotten relief in the weave. Little Hedonist used this fabric for some kid items, but also for 2 adult items.

Their SS19 collection provides the same comfort and fit as we have for the little ones for the adults.

The Dutch brand uses colors like Desert Sand, Black Iris, Sand, Mocha and of course their constant return to Pirate Black. Lots of basic items in these colours, and of course some new ones.

SS19 collection
"No-nonsense. Quality. Simplicity. Yet fashionable for your little one. All words that are stuffed in our comfy items which are wearable all year round. Wide round necks and a fit that is completely focused on easy-to-wear and pull on. With raw edges to easy adapt the length of sleeves and legs to the size of your little one. But these unfinished edges are also a symbol for the open mind that has no limitations and boundaries. Nothing to irritate the little adventurer, everything to be free in exploring the world. Made with love and commitment. Fit to make Life an Adventure."
Inspired by Lola & Lucy.
Founder of Little Hedonist, Judith Van Venrooij
SS19 collection
Curious? Come and check it out yourself. Meet Little Hedonist and enjoy their oncoming SS19 collection at Playtime Paris, booth T05!

Little Hedonist AW19 Collection
Nothing to irritate the little adventurer,
everything to be free in exploring the world. Made with love and commitment.

Judith van Venrooij, owner and founder of Little Hedonist