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Lights, Camera and Action with the new Knot's Collection

FW19 collection MOVIES brings cinematic dreams to life!

Founded in Portugal, KNOT revives simple classics with sophistication and harmony. Focusing on the importance of family and getting inspiration from children's magical curiosity and imagination, the brand makes universal classical clothes with high-quality materials for the comfort of the little-ones.

Inspired by the eternal classics of cinematic art, Knot's FW19 collection MOVIES honors the imagery of films that create and inspire dreams for a lifetime. Lights, Camera, Action is the motto for a trip that revisits inescapable genres like the space and technological world of Sci-Fi and of course the Western adventures between cowboys and Indians. In a cinematic world that has no limits, anything is possible.

That is why imagination has a special place in this collection: travel between galaxies, look at the stars, and gallop through the arid landscapes of the old Wild West. Cinema is art as well as culture, as it creates a mixture of sensations and feelings with those who see it. With Knot we are privileged to share the unique memories and the moments they mark. Get ready, because this cold season the collection will highlight every adventure in a take that will last forever… and Action!

The brand will be at Playtime Paris coming up this January, booth E18!


Knot's FW 19 collection MOVIES