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Learning To Walk With Tip Toey Joey

A new collection that marks one of the most significant event of your tiny humans life

Rome wasn’t built in one day. It needed patience, hope and consistent effort. Similarly, in life you need to master walking before attempting a run. And you know what they say, babies don’t give up when they fall 50 times while learning to walk. Tip Toey Joey’s newest collection celebrates these moments of growing up.

Up They Go symbolizes the moments in the life of babies when they learn to stand up and take their first step to a future where running is the only option. With this new collection, Tip Toey Joey ensures that your tiny humans feet are perfectly cared for while they fall, and get up and fall, over and over again.

It is important for the feet to feel the textures of the ground to learn through sensory receptors.

The innovative foot-shaped shoes provide enough room for toes to breathe and move without restriction. The thin and bendy sole moves with the feet such that the shoes become a soft, second skin that protect and nurture with every step.

Tip Toey Joey’s patent FreetoGrow™ design and ThintoFeel™ sole that we’ve loved till now is being expanded to all the Originals and Tiny styles in this collection (refer to the sketches below from the brand to know the differences between the Originals and the Tiny range). The new shape allows the big toe and the pinky toe to remain naturally straight and activated while allowing the other toes room to stretch and curl. The thin sole’s minimal padding makes the kids feel as if they are walking barefoot.

'Tiny' range
'Originals' range

Tip Toey Joey’s new range, Basics, is perfect for kids aged 2 to 5. Equipped with the FreetoGrow™ design and ThintoFeel™ sole, this range ensures roomy feet that remain fresh and dry, thanks to the 100% soft leather lining that absorbs perspiration.

With Tip Toey Joey, kids can now focus on building their motor and cognitive skills while you focus on taking the perfect video for that Instagram story!

Don't forget to drop by Tip Top Joey's booth (H02) at Playtime New York (February 9-11)!

Tip Toey Joey
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