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#KEEPASKINGWHY with yporqué

Are you ready to play?

"Just keep on playing, being curious and believing in a different world. Just keep looking beyond the bubble of what is right in front of your eyes. Just keep on being a kid and keep on asking why... over and over again!"

The new yporqué FW 2018/19 collection is inspired by the urban-sport world and deeply rooted in our ready-to-play philosophy with a special nod to Japanese ninja culture. Ready-to-play clothes are yporqué's best sellers: creative hoodies with a mask added on to the hood ready to be a superhero or a wild animal!

For this new collection, the Barcelona brand is presenting new t-shirts with sounds, solar & fluo prints in a punk-rock and retro-college style, that play with fashion textures and cool looks, mixing funny drawings with tartan, geo camo, musical and check prints.

Discover the entire collection of the Barcelona brand at Playtime New-York on February 11-13, booth N07!


yporqué's FW18/19 collection