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“It’s what you do that matters” - Denise Ho

During our Playtime show, we had a very inspirational conversation with Denise Ho who is itself a sustainable expert. Watch this video while we ask about her journey, kids' fashion, sustainability, and a lot more!

Sustainability is not a trend that can come with a season and go, sustainability is a commitment towards society, towards this planet. We have the responsibility to focus on today's challenges without compromising the needs of future children.


As climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently, this is high time to collectively become more aware of how we—as individuals, corporations and businesses—are affecting the planet.

After the oil industry, the fashion industry is the most polluting one among all because each stage of a garment's life cycle threatens our planet and resources. About thousands of types of chemicals are used in the conversion of raw material into garments.

Playtime Marketplace is proud to have brands that place all these ecological values at the heart of their business. Here are some that stick with these 4 commitments:

These brands are all set to make this world a better place to live, they are born out of an urge to do better. They have set their intentions to show that how we all act and live in the world makes a difference to ourselves, and our children – the citizens of tomorrow. Their strong values are a core contribution to the environment.


We are proud to have them in our Marketplace because they are an inspiration in terms of sustainability. The impact they are creating by giving this world an encouraging example to be natural, caring for the future, fair work for everyone, by using certified materials, ethical, organic, and yet chic. They are setting a high bar for the upcoming generation which is obligatory in terms of climate change.

Atelier Parsmei

Shoutout to our planet lovers brands on playtime:

Hevea, Bexa, Atelier Parsmei, Pamboo, Nueces, Kokacharm, Grace Baby & Child, A muffin in the oven, Mimookids Barcelona, Knit A Buddy, Tnin Shoes, LMN3, Tiny People Organics, Maison Tadaboum, Napaani Organic, Koalav, Eshvi Kids, Paulin Signature Vegetale.

Headout to our Marketplace to learn more about our eco-friendly brands.