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Going Home with Manuela kids design

The brand's new collection is an invitation to wander.

Founded in 2005 in Helsinki, Manuela kids design was only women’s wear. The brand was established years later in 2011 in Budapest after the designer got her two daughters. The new inspiration came from the girls' early childhood.

Manuela kids design has been described as ‘decorative minimalism‘, where Scandinavian Puritanism meets Hungarian decorative and colorful floral culture.’
Using the finest fabrics, Manuela Maráczy, designer of the brand, creates her own prints and patterns are printed by hand using silkscreen technique.

Manuela does not follow the seasonal trends and finds inspiration from everyday life. Garments are made locally within the designer’s community in Hungary.

"Independent children are walking home alone with their home keys in their hands. At summer going home from the playground or from friends, gathering with other neighborhood friends and talks with new kids on the block. Playing together before getting home. Mom says: Take care of your keys!"

The S/S18 collection, called 'Going Home' is all about childhood memory from the 80s of Hungary.
Strong memories of growing new building in my living neighborhood, where we kids find leftover tools for our creative mind to play with. Blockhouses surrounded by nature, finding hidden places to play in an urban landscape.

This contains waterproof jackets and bags for daycare and schoolgirls. The casual way of wearing stylish clothing is important in this collection more than ever before. We bring you soft bodies which can be used as swimsuits too. Some of the garments are available in organic cotton and produced in Portugal.


SS18 collection "GOING HOME" by Manuela Kids Design