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Fly to the sun with Stay Little

When autumn comes, we all want summer to stay a little longer. That's what inspired Stay Little AW17 collection, taking us where the sun still shines.

« Take Me South ». Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?
This new Stay Little collection is inspired by the migrating birds that leave our cities to warmer places to spend the winter. It is an imaginary trip to southern Europe, where skies are still blue and the suns’ rays warm us up during cold winter months.
Colorful hand-embroidered motifs of sparrows feature in this playful collection, which offers a new twistsoft velvets, and modern cuts. Originally from Barcelona, Stay Little and this collection takes us on a modern day reverie.

Stay Little, a children anthem

The Spanish brand believes in the magic of childhood. They wish that children stay little a little longer and that their dreams and games fill our lives forever.

Also, constant curiousness and passion of the world are very important for them to keep in mind. If children keep their senses open to the world, they will be able to learn more about it and about themselves too. Through Stay Little creations, children imagination is taken to a higher level.

The brand will be at Playtime Paris on January 27 to 29. Follow the brand on Instagram @staylittle_kids and check out this beautiful collection on their website.


Stay Little white geometric blouse and grey jumpsuit