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Festival-ready looks for kids

What relates to summer more than a great festival? Under a clear sky, great music, fun people, and a little adventure feeling?! The best part is now festivals are expanding for families where the whole area is dedicated to playgrounds, when parents are having the time of their lifetime, they sure don't want to leave out their kids and a great outfit definitely adds up to the whole experience so let's have a look at what playtime marketplace has to offer?

1. Coachella + Looks by Luks

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival and guess what, it has just become the perfect site for some family bonding. Now parents are more than ready to take their kids and have the experience of their lives.

Enjoy the sensations of the desert in a comfortable and easy style, bohemian dress or jean shorts, wild hair or turbans are essential! April 2022

Headgear is evidently the most fun accessory when it comes to festivals and Looks by Luks has matching pairs for mothers and kids and they are just giving us the best music festival vibes isn't it?

2. Burning Man + Wildkind

Burning Man is a festival focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance held annually in the western United States.
Influencers from around the world showed up to the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada dressed in bold styles. You need to be unique!
September 2021

Leopard print could be the perfect opportunity for kids to have the most unique outfit they can ever wear in their day-to-day life. Have a look at the Wildkind collection for this summer on the Playtime Marketplace and watch how kids can be super stylish.

3. Pol'and'Rock Festival + Baebeeboo.

Pol'and'Rock Festival is one of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe, taking place at the end of July since 1995 in Poland. Rock, reggae, punk, funk, and metal... Here the spirit of the famous Woodstock reigns, whose motto is "love, friendship, and music". Prepare your child's best peace & love outfit. July 29, 2021.

Baebeeboo offers kids the perfect bobo-chic outfit with a beachy, free-spirited feel. It is also a responsible brand that works for a better and fairer fashion world. Isn't it the perfect combination for a "peace and love" festival?

4. Tomorrowland + Izipizi

Tomorrowland is now the biggest electronic music festival in the world. It takes place every year at the end of the summer in Belgium. The best look for Tomorrowland is based on glitter and shimmering colors. Wear whatever makes you happy and confident. But most importantly... don't forget your must-have accessory: sunglasses!
august 27-29 2021
September 2-5 2021

A pair of izipizi on the nose will give every kid a perfect, trendy, casual but stylish look and give kids the protection they need to dance their hearts out in the sun.

5. Defqon.1 Weekend Festival

Defqon.1 is an electronic music festival, mainly focused on hardstyle and hardcore techno, organized annually in the Netherlands. It is a large-scale event shared between activities and grandiose animations and pyrotechnics.
The best thing about this Festival, is that the parents are more than excited to try out new things for their kids and we totally agree with them. It is that time of the year when they have the chance to bring out kids' creative side!
last we of june 2021

The best thing about the night festivals like Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, is that the parents are more than excited to try out new things for their kids and we totally agree with them. It is that time of the year when they have the chance to bring out kids' creative side and any night festival is incomplete without neon lights which kids can use to draw anything on their t-shirt and producing (or creating) a neon effect (we all wish we had this kind of tool when we were kids right? 😉) and you sure don't want to miss them having available for parents when they shop.