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Fabulous caps for fabulous kids by Hello Hossy

A trailblazer in making stylized caps for kids!
The Blue

Being tired of trying to find a creative stylish cap that would represent the personality of their little son, two young parents, Ludo & Murielle, have decided to launch their own brand revolutionizing the whole childhood market.

Hello Hossy offers unique stylized caps for babies and children from 9 months in order to express the child's character any season, any time.

The Fruity

Making modern lightweight caps, the brand's goal is to meet the expectations of young parents willing to dress their kids they way the like and not the way the market dictates them, reflecting their lifestyles and enhancing confidence and inspiration of their children.

For the moment, the brand offers 4 models: the Minimalist, the Blue, the Van and the Fruity, all inspired by the creators' memories of living in the USA, Canada and Europe, mixing urban settings and great outdoors.

Original and timeless, the Hello Hossy's caps will make your child feel different by offering not only stylish but a comfortable accessory, made with high quality materials, supplied by a well-established experienced manufacturer.

The Mini
The Van
The Fruity
The Blue

Hello Hossy
Caps that will never make kids envious of adult style
Hello Hossy