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Exploring the Far West with AO76

The brand creates a perfect collection for the little adventurers!

Childhood is all about running, jumping and exploring new worlds, AO76 is here to be a great compagnon providing comfortable clothes to make kids' journey as fun as possible.

Born in Belgium, the brand makes cool sportswear for the little ones from 4 to 16 years, focusing on authenticity and ethical production.

Respect for people and environment is in the core values of the brand, producing timeless pieces instead of fast fashion.

The SS'19 collection has everything needed for the sunny season. Cozy warm sweaters for chilly mornings, colorful t-shirts and sturdy shorts for fun outdoor activities.

Along with carefully choosing unique natural fabrics, AO76 places emphasis on bold yet subtle colors, which perfectly combine.

Meet the brand at Playtime Paris this summer (June 29-July 1)!


SS'19 collection by AO76