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Diverse cultural heritage of ANAYCHAY

First timer at the latest edition of Playtime Paris invites us to follow our own cultural roots.

Originating from Quechua language, ANAYCHAY means "recognition". That is why Alicia Rousseau Jourdan has decided to pay tribute to her roots and founded the brand in the beautiful city of Lima.

ANAYCHAY was born to give recognition to unique Peruvian craftsmanship know-how and colorful designs.

Merging Parisian sophistication, contemporary style and Peruvian artisanal wealth, the brand makes playful clothes and accessories for girls from 2 to 16 years old using noble and exceptional fabrics.

Proudly making all its clothes in Peru, it contributes to the economic and social development of its country supporting local production.

Moreover, ANAYCHAY assures each garment is embroidered or knitted meticulously respecting the highest standards and making each piece purely unique.

Get to know your cultural roots with ANAYCHAY!

ANAYCHAY's new collection