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Brightsiders by Yellowpelota

Move to the bright side with the new collection of Yellowpelota!

Created in 2013, Yellowpelota makes stylish and yet comfortable clothes by using materials of an extraordinary quality.

The brand was launched by two Art & Design professionals, who's main objective was to translate the artistic heritage from their own careers into purely unique patterns and original universes for each collection.

Carefully identifying each color and highlighting the potential of each garment, the brand produces clothes of singular shapes and exceptional designs.

Inspired by the spontaneity and curiosity of children, Yellowpelota's new collection is characterized by beautiful dusty neutral colors, oversized shapes and soft lines. You will find a lot of chunky cord, puffy sleeves along with perfectly chosen colors, that all go well together.

Also, the brand introduced the new collection for women! Can't wait to see more!
Check out the brand at Playtime New York on February 10-12, booth L09!


Yellowpelota's new collection