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Back to our roots with Tip Toey Joey

The brand reminds the importance of letting children connect with the earth.

Playing outside is a crucial part of the little one's lives. The more children have fun outdoors, the more they introduce themselves to the world, the more they develop their creative power, their psychomotor skills, and their notion of belonging to nature!

The main purpose of the brand has always been growingtogether™. Now, Tip Toey Joey introduces growingreen™, the new project rethinking the brand's production process and its role in the community.

Greeny is the new shoe made of leather leftovers from the brand's production. The leather is then ground and blended with natural rubber in order to create innovative sole that reduces fabrication discards.


The brand was created by two young parents in the 2000s, when their daughter was born, Ana and Scott McInerney faced difficulty finding nice fitting shoe for their little one, so they decided to make one!

The new collection is inspired by the natural elements, such as water, earth, fire, and air, elements common in childhood. Jumping in puddles, building sand castles, playing shadows with the campfire and flying kites are all ways for children to connect with the environment around them.

Meet them at Playtime New York on February 10-12, booth H02!


photos: Edu Delfim, Styling: Spirodiro