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A trip to Brittany by Maison Frida

When Mexican colors meet French design!

A subtle mix between traditional Mexican vibrant colors and French designs, Maison Frida has that little something that instantly catch the eye.

Founded by Soizic Villanueva, French self-taught designer, the children's fashion brand brings together high-quality garments made of natural fabrics.

Living in Chicago with her husband and her two children, Soizic Villanueva had been knitting and sewing with her mother since she was a little child, back in Brittany—northwest of France—where she was born and bred. Many years later, after her romantic encounter with "a smart Mexican guy" who was studying French there, she has decided to move with him to Mexico City. She noticed there the use of bright colors everywhere, from cars to clothing. These colors inspired her to blend French and Mexican culture to create a kid's fashion brand.

Soizic Villanueva has succeeded wonderfully in designing a range taking from one side, the famous marinière (striped jersey) and the cute col Claudine (Peter Pan collar), and from the other, dazzling primary colors that makes us want to go to Yucatán beaches. Ethically-made and environmentally conscious, we are sure that Maison Frida has even more surprises up its sleeve for many years to come!

The Fall/Winter campaign had been shot in France, on Brittany beaches, homecountry of the founder.

Maison Frida will be at Playtime New-York for the very first time! Make sure to be there! Until then, check out their first collection on Playtime Online!


Maison Frida FW18 collection