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A gentle summer breeze takes over Tago

Tago takes you on a time machine and shows you around the past and the future!

The Japanese brand combines manufactured and handmade, conservative and avant-garde, art and artisans… extremely opposite, but closely related…

Their collections are made with authentic materials and prints made in an atelier by a silk screen printing machine while combining it with calligraphy. The goods are carefully done one by one.

SS19 collection

They always make goods from high design and high quality. The spirits of this astonishing brand are creativity, elegance and sincerity.

Childhood passes too quickly, so they wanted you and the little one to cherish it. Their conscious design suitable for kids of any age, they offer a fascinating selection of clothes to children who grows constantly.

SS19 collection

Tago's new SS19 collection is called "Je suis comme je suis" (meaning I am what I am in french), drawing attention to the authenticity and genuineness, the brand illustrates the importance of little one's life journey on their line.

Its designs mix simplicity and elegance, so they count on a huge choice of garments with different styles and prints. All their designs are made in a sustainable way.

Sunny summer days make us think about great plans outside and, of course, on the beach. We can’t wait to relax near the sea with those lovely smell of summer. Tago helps us to imagine it in a fashion way.

SS19 collection

A summer breeze covers the garments and we can see their lovely lines as well as the care present in every single detail.

As always you will love their quirky, creative prints of this eclectic and fun collection. Their new collection is all about gingham fabrics, stripes and clean divergent cuts.

It follows the same style and good taste throughout every piece of their collection. In it, you will find cute garments for your kids all in light and vibrant colours.

SS19 collection
Come meet Tago at Playtime Tokyo, August 21-23!

Tago SS19 collection
We find the course in the cause and the result; there we feel the chic among those relative essence.