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A contemporary melange universe of Lulaland

Hey folks! Our last episode of the Series with Pirouette is here!

This week "Behind the Brand" is bringing you a contemporary melange universe of Lulaland

Lulaland was launched in 2014, their collections are an eclectic mix and match of original prints and carefully hand-picked fabrics, many of which are 100% organic cotton.

Join us in a conversation as we learn more about Lulaland together.

Who inspires you and why?
Nature, colors, childhood & art. We value individuality! I believe children naturally have the space and empowerment to know what they want to wear in order to express who they are and how they feel!

What makes the brand unique / stand out?
Lulaland is identified for the use of colors and prints along with natural and soft fabrics, in comfortable silhouettes, that create unique yet very wearable garments.

When did you first exhibit at Playtime?
Our first time at Playtime was at the Winter of 2014 edition, with our first collection