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The road to nostalgia with craft-connection trend

This season's narrative Homage by Fashion snoops pays tribute to our heritage and our collective past. And among this story, a very interesting trend is emerging focused on the idea of a craft-connected collection.

In this article, we will take you on a journey that will focus on the evolution of our cultures which nowadays translates into a new reality that has focused us into a hyper-local existence, there is an increased value in learning from past methodologies.

Through our selection, you will discover handmade pieces with a crafted quality put forth designs with a soul, crediting our ancestors and made to last. This deep sense of heritage creates laborious artworks as faux-textural prints are inspired by embroidered, beaded, and patchworked compositions.

The collections have a mixture of familiar, heritage patterns, shearling pullovers, and quilted puffer vests paired with tailored trousers and hand-woven sweaters. Traditional beading and weaving techniques are fused with modern sentiments, creating powerful statements in nature-driven shades, and finally gender-neutral yet colorful pieces.

You know what, there are many more amazing craft-connected kids' collections to shop on the Playtime Marketplace.