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Simple living with Bonmot Organic

Playtime has once again collaborated with Kinda Magazine to bring to you the lookbook for the month of June which comes from Bonmot, the Spanish brand known for their vibrant colors, their creativity, and the comfort of their organic clothes.

In order to create a successful lookbook, you need two main ingredients: great styles which are interpreted by a visionary visual team. Bonmot Organic, the young Barcelona brand offering a 100% organic and locally-produced collection managed to do just that. Brand directors Caetana De Castro and Estel Rosell worked very closely with the talented team of Elena Lopez De Lamadrid (photography) and Emilio Lekuona (video) on this seasons catalogue. This beautiful publication is their 6th collaboration already, and after being involved in the company’s development for such a long time, Elena and Emilio understand the brand’s DNA quite well.

Starting from the notion that the collection is always inspired by a specific theme, this lookbook concept was developed around the Simple Living theme: it’s a collection that shows you how to take care of yourself in a simple way. All the prints have been inspired by simple moments of our daily life, as taking a break, smiling, taking a nap, practicing yoga or anything else that makes you happy. Because, in Bonmot’s world, a simple life is a beautiful life …

The children are portrayed in an according mood: curious, relaxed, and calm. And they brought their own creativity to the set too. As Elena points out: Children are fantastic, when you run out of ideas, you just have to look at them and let them play.

The beauty of this collection is brilliantly reflected in the visuals and the skilful, clear graphic design. Surrounded by calming white space, the images get enough room to breathe. Thanks for taking us on a road trip to Bonmot summer camp!

Simple Living

PHOTOGRAPHER: Elena Lopez De Lamadrid
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Elena Lopez De Lamadrid and Lekuona Studio
STYLING: Bonmot Organic
MODELS: Alexia and others from Sugar Kids
LOCATION: Akroll Studio
BRAND DIRECTORS: Caetana De Castro and Estel Rosell