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Seasonal AW21/22 Trends with the Narrative: HOMAGE

Welcome to this season's narrative by Fashionsnoops, experts from Fashionsnoops are bringing to you the key AW21/22 trends for the kidswear market.
Let's pay Homage to one of the biggest trends of this year.

This season the narratives are connected to Goodness and Amend, read more about them here.

Let's explore together: moods, color pallets, graphics, key items, accessories, footwear, hearling pullovers and quilted puffer vests pair with tailored trousers and hand-woven sweaters and this will definately take you the nostalgic road.

Bellevie is the first narrative, you can read about it here

In this article, we are going to talk about the second narrative which is Homage (to rediscover the first narrative BELLEVIE, click here)

Paying our respects to our ancestors, HOMAGE focuses on the evolution of our cultures. As our lives become increasingly global, we center on the threads of our past as they weave together to create our futures. From painted mountains to cities filled with grit, expect a careful melange of cultures. Here, shearling pullovers and quilted puffer vests pair with tailored trousers and hand-woven sweaters. Traditional beading and weaving techniques are fused with modern sentiments, creating powerful statements in nature-driven shades.

How does this validate our current reality?

Evolving from Amend, Homage pays tribute to our heritage and our collective past. As our new reality has focused us into a hyper-local existence, there is an increased value in learning from past methodologies and ways of working. A mixture of familiar, heritage patterns adds a cultural element to outdoor-inspired pieces. This season parents will gravitate towards gender-neutral yet colorful pieces.

Let's explore the Current Trends for this season, shall we?

1) Patterns & Graphics

They are extremely important for the Kid's market.

People person- come together to unite, positive messaging as a must-have.

Proactivism- It is crucial to support and be proactive and calling for change.

Crafted connection- Includes local artists to create authentic heritage pieces.

2) Icons

The icons for Homage pays deep tribute to the within us as it celebrates individualistic nature with a time-honored appreciation. Nature focus images rise with curiosity while collectives band together for a resounding impression of impact.

3) Key Items

Girls Key Items

Native Sweater- Boxier silhouettes with authentic traditional designs, making sure to work with artists of a particular region you want to highlight.

Trapeze pullover- Layered look with mixed materials.

Patched denim- A great way to update a classic silhouette.

Boys Key Items

Native sweater- Works for both girls and boys, cozy, a bit oversized, and gender-neutral.

Elevated trousers- Fun piece, a fusion of activewear

The trekker vest- Very versatile, sporty feel.

Blanket coat- has a great drama.

4) Footwear & Accessories


Hybrids, a great place to add softer touches.


A great place to showcase a print or pattern.

Kids accessories

Combines both boys and girls: inspired by traditional designs, truly gender-neutral.

5) Home icons

Inspiration comes from nature.


Each of the seasonal narratives contains an influence page and this is for your future research, so there is Charlene Holy bear, she is an artist who mixes traditional patterns to create custom pieces. Orenda Tribe, she focuses on creating sustainable designs, and finally the documentary, she tells us a story of a dictionary she created to keep the language alive.

Don't forget to look at the new collection on the Playtime marketplace to see how they manifested these sentiments and introduced them in the new collection for AW21.

Thanks to Fashionsnoops for these wonderful insights on Kids Seasonal Narratives for the new fashion season FW21 and upcoming trends.